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Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC is one of the leading energy companies with major assets situated in  is one of the leading energy companies with major assets situated in Russia; the company was established in the year 2010 as a private independent organization with substantial structuring and expansion in the year 2013 on the basis of producing, exploring, exporting, supplying, distributing, transporting, trading of oil and gas product and with promising prospect of becoming one of the top leading international companies in oil and gas sector. The company supply and exports 90% of its produces to end consumers in Europe, Asia, America, and CIS countries through sea transport, pipeline, railroad. Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC geography in exploration and production business operations comprises of all the main oil and gas regions of Russia, which basically including Western and Eastern Siberia, Volga and Ural Regions, Far East, Sakhalin, Krasnodar and Primorsky Krai Region and the shelf of Russian seas, including Arctic shelf.

Our Story

Providing Petroleum Services Since 2010

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC actively engages in several exploration projects which enable the access to considerable prospective resources that will further assist the company’s long-term substantial development. The total prospective recoverable resources in valuable projects with the company involvement were calculated to the 25.7 bln barrels of oil equivalent at the end of 2017.
The company has various portfolios of high-quality oil and gas assets, which enhance the securing of sustainable cost-effective growth in the short, medium, and long term period. The ongoing development of the downstream segment is among the vital strategic priorities and operations of the company.
The increments of efficient sales of better-quality and greater value-added products to end customers, the continuous upgrading and expanding of it refining and marketing infrastructure also boost the company abilities to supply and deliver quality products to end customers.

Full Service, Quality
Petroleum Services

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC also partners with the government top refineries in Russia with an aggregate annual capacity of 300 mln barrels (41.7 mln tonnes) and other independent mini-refineries in Russia to boost it continuous product supply and meets the end customers’ requirement. The company modern plants are able to process about 50% of crude oil production, as well as their partnership ventures in several oil wells in different regions in the Russian Federation. The company intends to widen the efforts further by expanding its refining infrastructure and complexes and also to continue the upgrading of the existing refineries to boost the production of petroleum products which will certainly meet the latest global environmental standards.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC is currently increasing its retail network, which is planned to covers 35 regions of Russia with future plans to maintain its focus on extending and optimizing the marketing network all over the Russian Federation. The company partners with top Russian and European marine terminals that possess favorable locations and which ensure efficient storing and exporting of crude oil and petroleum products. Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC seeks to improve the balance between its export capacity and planned crude oil and petroleum product output through the implementation of the extensive inclusive program and further expand cooperative policies with Russian and various world leading marine terminals.

Why us

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC is a dynamically developing company interested in attracting goal-oriented, ambitious, energetic and creative people capable of team-work and willing to develop their professional knowledge and experience.

Professionals at Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC can apply their knowledge and experience in all fields and regions where the company operates both in Russia and in all foreign relations with end consumers.

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Krasnopresnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 12 Moscow 123610

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Novaya Panika khutor, Frolovo district, Volgograd region 403540, Russia


+ 7 495 297 5711

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