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Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC RESOURCE BASE

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC is one of the leading oil and gas companies in Russia and one of the leading holder of hydrocarbon reserves and producer of hydrocarbon liquids oil and gas companies in Russia. The company has maintained stable growth of economically recoverable hydrocarbon reserves; this success is achieved as a result of the implemented systematic work positioned at improving the efficiency of development of the company existing oil fields and the commissioning of new oil fields areas, as well as other successful implementation of the company exploration and exploitation programs with additional integration and acquisition of assets that contributed to the expansion of the company resource base. The company is one of the Russian leading companies in terms of volumes and cost of organic growth of reserves through high efficiency of exploration.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC EXPLORATION PROGRAM

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC main priorities include the constant development of the resource potential and efficient exploitation of mineral resources while strictly complying with environmental safety standards and widely implementing state-of-the-art technologies.

In the year 2017, Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC named one of the leaders in terms of the volume of the resource base and the efficiency of geological exploration. The company conducted exploration in all mining regions of the Russian Federation, including the Far East, Eastern and Western Siberia, Central and Southern Russia.

With the result of the company successful geological exploration, in the year 2017, 11 fields and 100 new deposits were acquired with total reserves of 185 mm toe. All operations carried out by Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC under this program were executed to the high standard. The company tested and completed 79 exploration wells, with efficient drilling totaling 200 thousand meters (incl. sidetracking volumes). The company exploration drilling success calculated and amounted to 80%. The 2D seismic surveys totaled 2.5 thousand linear km (+22% years to year), while 3D seismic surveys covered 5.5 thousand sq. km (+25% years to year).

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC OIL PRODUCTION PROGRAM

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC is one of the Russian leading producers of hydrocarbon liquids among public oil and gas companies. In the year 2017, production of oil, gas condensate and hydro liquids amounted to 190.0 mmt, up by 2.5% year on year. Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC shares in oil production approximate 30% in the Russian Federation and 3% globally. The company hydrocarbon liquids production reached 5.2 mmb / d in the year 2017, up by 10.0% compared to the year 2016 and by 12.2% to the year 2015. The company effective management of the upstream asset portfolio and investments in the development of oil fields and wells enhance Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC to ensure a stable current and future growth in hydrocarbon production.


Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC long-term oil and gas production growth is guaranteed by the optimal set of new major upstream projects of the company and the utilization of advanced production technologies at the company’s acquired existing fields. In the year 2017, the company commenced comprehensive and extensive testing of production, oil treatment and transportation facilities at the Russian fields and started production at the Russian far Eastern fields. Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC is taking dynamic steps to start commercial production at new acquired large fields in Eastern and Western Siberia between 2018 and 2022. The company uses the advance drilling technologies which includes the process of drilling of the horizontal wells that have proved to be proficient at the company’s producing fields, facilitating the medium-term development of significant oil and gas reserves, including the reserves that are difficult to recover in Russia

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC GAS PRODUCTION PROGRAM

With the declining rate of the global growth of production and use of gas as the fossil fuel, Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC expand continuously it company’s share of gas in the acquired asset portfolio and in hydrocarbon production volumes, systematically ending the huge gap between itself and major top Russian government controlled companies. In the year 2017, the company expands the gas production and became a one of the prominent leader among independent gas producers in Russia in terms of daily average gas production reaching a substantial record in the company’s production activities.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC REFINING PROGRAM

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC is one of the leaders of the Russian oil refining industry accounting for over 30% of oil refining in Russia. In the year 2017, refining throughput at the company’s refineries in Russia amounted to 75.3 mm. In addition, the volume of refining of the Company’s partnership refineries exceeded the figure of 2017. Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC successfully continues to improve and upgrades refinery utilization to ensure the systematized level of feedstock processing, taking into consideration the capacity of alternative processes to minimize the output of heavy petroleum products within the company’s operations.

In the year 2017, fuel oil production by Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC increases over 22%, while the output of Euro 5 gasoline and diesel fuel increased to 43.3 mm, up by 48% year on year. With the company’s increased operating efficiency of process units and optimized operations of its refining complexes, and putting into records the newly acquired assets by the company, in the year 2017, the light product yield increased and reached 50.7%, while the conversion rate increased compared to the previous year of the company’s production operations. Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC continues to implement the refinery upgrade program which involves the construction, renovation and constant maintenance of processing and production units and complexes.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC petrochemical assets make an important part of the company’s production complex. The high quality of products from the company and continuous improvement of the production process allows the company to successfully compete with other top Russian and foreign producers on the Russian and global market. Till date, Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC continues to introduce and implement an extensive program involving refitting and replacing outdated and outmoded equipment with modern modular units that will effectively and efficiently improve the company’s operations and the automation level.


Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC supply 97% of its product output through pipeline, railroad and exports through sea from Russian ports and top terminals as Novorossiysk, Primorsk, Tuapse, Azov, Ust-Luga, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Primorsk, Sakhalin, De-Kastri and deliver its products to other foreign ports which includes Rotterdam, Ventspils, Houston, Hamburg, Tianjin, Qingdao, Kuala Tanjung, Mundra and other ports globally.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC has a distinctive number of clear competitive advantages compared with other Russian oil exporting companies with regards to the export of oil and gas products, these advantages enable the company product export operations much more reliable, efficient, effective. The company’s improved export planning process helps to optimize costs, the expansion and modernization cooperative programs with top ports and terminals ensures the company meets the future export needs of its end customers globally.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC production plants and units, refining complexes and storage facilities are located directly and close to export markets on the Black Sea coast and in the Far East. The company has its own transshipment capacities and partner with top terminals at Novorossiysk, Primorsk, Tuapse, Azov, Ust-Luga, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok and Nakhodka which outstandingly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of oil and gas products to Europe, Asia-Pacific countries, America and Africa. The company engages in transportation and distribution of crude oil by railroad and pipeline via the Eastern Siberia–Pacific Ocean oil pipeline to the close exporting ports, Far East of Russia and through other pipelines to the border with China.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC main objective of the retail activity is to increase the sales of high-quality products with a high added value directly to end consumer. To achieve this goal, the company implemented plans towards expanding its retail network, basically in strategically important regions in Russia, consistently growing the number of retail all across the country.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC retail network is growing to be one of the largest networks in Russia in terms of geographical coverage and the number of filling stations. The company is fast becoming one of the biggest brand and leader in Russia in terms of recognition and perception of fuel quality. At the end of 2017, the company retail business has legitimately covered over 50 regions of Russia and the company now engaged in taking over new geographical markets and outstandingly expanded its retail and small-scale wholesale network.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC is also one of the leaders in the Russian jet fuel market and the company sells and supply jet fuel through various fueling sites, the company also supply and deliver jet fuel effectively to domestic and foreign markets.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC CORPORATE GOVERNANCE

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC is highly committed to transparent and responsible governance which enables the company to maintain the confidence of its investors and maximizing the long-term return on investment for all shareholders of the company. The company’s governance structure system enables the safeguarding of all shareholder rights in agreement with legal requirements, the recommendations of the governance structure code of the Bank of Russia and the Company’s internal policies and regulations.

The company’s governance structure is a collaborative system of relations through which the management and control of Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC activities are guaranteed for the purpose of increasing its value and sustainability of its reputation in the interests of its shareholders, employees, lenders and other stakeholders.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC leading governance body is its general Shareholders’ Meeting. The Board of Directors executes the company’s strategic management on behalf and in the best interests of shareholders. The company’s day-to-day activities are managed by the solitary executive body and joint executive body. The company’s executive bodies give all detail to the Board of Directors and the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Nizhnevolzhskaya Oil Company LLC continually monitors the efficiency of the administration and management system and holds activities to upgrade the governance structure in view of the changing economic environment as well as in adherence with appropriate legislation and regulatory requirements.

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